Welcome to The Heads Network Website!

We are excited for you to be visiting our website – as a member of the organization – or as someone who may be interested in joining The Heads Network in the future!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We have just officially completed our name transition from NAPSG (National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls) to The Heads Network. Our new name continues to reflect the same important mission while more accurately describing our membership, encompassing all schools which enroll and/or employ girls and/or women.

GREAT CONFERENCE: Our Annual Conference in New Orleans in February 2015 was a huge success!  Thank you to our conference planning team led by Kim Wargo, our attendees, and our fabulous speakers who shared their expertise and wisdom with us on topics ranging from “Transformative Leadership with or without a Bona Fide Crisis: Lessons Learned from Post-Katrina New Orleans”, to “Meeting the Needs of our Transgender Students,” from  “Human Centered Design,” to “Engaging the Next GenHERation” and much more.

A TRIBUTE: We honored and thanked our esteemed eleven-year Director, Bruce Galbraith, for all he did to inspire us as an organization and as school leaders for over a decade of service.  A true highlight was joining him in a Second Line Band parade through the French Quarter – one which he launched by joining the band on his trombone!  We also thanked the outgoing President, Bessie Spears, for being such a thoughtful, talented and dedicated President of The Heads Network over the last three years.

NEW DIRECTOR: In March, we officially welcomed our new Director, Margaret ‘Sissy’ Wade, who has strong experience and expertise from the educational sector, having served as Head of School for two independent schools in Tennessee, as well as the President of SAIS, just to name a few of her leadership experiences.  We look forward to her enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for advancing girls and women’s leadership in schools as she leads The Heads Network going forward.

JOIN US:  If you’re not already a member, consider having your school join The Heads Network – a membership which will aim to inspire leadership development and expertise within your school community.  We look forward to announcing our future programs – from Women’s Leadership Seminars to our 2016 Annual Conference to be held in Napa Valley, California next February!

LOOKING FORWARD:  I am honored to serve as the President of The Heads Network.  It is important that we hear your thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and ultimately how we can serve you and your school in the best way possible.

Please feel free to contact us [email protected]

Best regards,

Sue Bosland