Process for Membership


Membership Process

Schools applying for membership in The Heads Network should be members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Canadian Independent Accredited Schools
Association, or be currently accredited by one of the member NAIS accrediting bodies or by one of the six federally recognized school/college accrediting bodies.

Eligible schools may become members of The Heads Network by completing an application form, paying annual dues and being approved by the Council. Please complete these three steps to become an active school member:

1. Complete the THN Membership Application along the requested documents and send electronically to [email protected] or to the address below.
2. Have a member of The Heads Network provide a brief letter or email sponsoring your school for membership.

3. The Executive Director will notify you, upon completion of the steps above, so you can remit your annual membership dues of $425 to:

The Heads Network
2140 Chickering Lane
Nashville, Tn. 37215
Attn. Dr. Margaret Wade

We will look forward to welcoming you as an active member of The Heads Network and to your participation in our programs and opportunities!

Schools are admitted to The Heads Network and eligible to appoint two members:

PRINCIPAL MEMBER   The head or chief executive officer of any eligible independent school in the United States, its territories, or Canada, may hold principal membership as the representative from that school.  Principal members are expected to attend at least one Annual Meeting in three years.

SECOND MEMBER   Schools may have an additional member in addition to the principal member, to be termed the ‘second member’.  Second members may vote only in the absence of the principal member.

AFFILIATE MEMBER   Any former principal member who no longer is head of a member school, or who becomes an employee of a school not eligible for membership, may become an affiliate member.  Affiliate members shall receive all notices but shall not vote or hold an elective office.  Only a principal member shall be eligible for affiliate membership upon leaving his/her school.  Former principal members who change positions to head non-member schools eligible for Heads Network membership may become affiliate members, but must bring their new school into membership within two years.

HONORARY MEMBER.   Honorary members may be elected by The Heads Network membership upon nomination by the Council.  Such members shall be entitled to all the privileges of active membership, but they may not vote or hold an elective office and they shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are submitted  as follows:

  • School Membership: Principal member (includes Second member) $400.00
  • Affiliate Member: employed – $25.00, retired – $ 10.00
  • Lifetime Memberships are available for Affilates: $150.00 ($100 if 70 or older)